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{Tuesday, July 15, 2003}

This is a test of the Insignificant Blog System
I'm posting to see if anyone checks this page anymore. I may revive it? Exciting, I know.
posted by Harper 11:32 AM

{Thursday, May 01, 2003}

There was a young grad student who had to make
A decision if early in the morn to awake
Or should he just stay
At his desk until day
And not go to bed until morning does break.
posted by Harper 1:07 AM

{Monday, April 21, 2003}

Any John will do
Tonight the cashier at the grocery store asked me for my John Henry. Ha. I guess I just look like a steel drivin' man.
posted by Harper 11:17 PM

{Monday, April 14, 2003}

You're a what?
Speaking of cheese, Kristen asserted that "American is white." After I grimaced at the racial overtones of her innocent comment, she confessed, "I am a white cheese supremacist."
posted by Harper 10:47 AM

{Thursday, April 03, 2003}

I'm dying?
I got home from jogging this evening and my nose started to bleed. Does that be meanin' ...
posted by Harper 6:28 PM

{Thursday, March 27, 2003}

If I had a million dollars
I would still be researching and writing about black religious history dawn 'til dusk. I am taxed and tired, but I love my work. I really do.
posted by Harper 11:19 PM

{Tuesday, March 18, 2003}

Maybe I'll blog
the first half of each semester.

...and i'll leave you with a quote:
"Those states best technically equipped to maintain world order are not necessarily the ones whose credentials recommend them as the most appropriate guardians of a global conscience." -- Locksley Edmundson
posted by Harper 1:57 PM